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rise above plastics burleigh heads

the tumblog for the rise above plastics campaign launching in burleigh heads, qld

curating the beach: art x science

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dane for surfrider

surfing magazine 2012.
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image via john eldridge

switch one for le other!

skeleton sea albatross

Film night fun (Taken with instagram)
Going to be a rad night at Pointbreak Bar + Grill! Come along, bring everyone you know and find out more about the evils of plastics!

This film is why Rise Above Plastics Burleigh Heads exists. Enjoy!


By Chris Jordan- Depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, which equates to how much plastic is polluted into our oceans every hour.
This is both astounding and appalling at the same time.
Partial zoom
Detail of the top of Mt. Fuji
Detail at actual print size
Jordan’s work is both a reminder of and an antidote to our individual sense of insignificance as we face these disturbing global issues with an increasing sense of urgency — we love the idea of juxtaposing the effect of our collective actions with the tiny individual contributions that make them up. It’s a new kind of call for personal responsibility — could that be your old toothbrush at the foot of Mt. Fuji?

We are stuck with trying to comprehend the gravity of these phenomena through the anaesthetizing and emotionally barren language of statistics. Sociologists tell us that the human mind cannot meaningfully grasp numbers higher than a few thousand; yet every day we read of mass phenomena characterized by numbers in the millions, billions, even trillions.

do your part by refusing single use plastic bags (Taken with instagram)
plastic |ˈplastik’| bag ?

Single use plastic shopping bags are made from high density polyethylene (usually abbreviated to HDPE) – the same plastic that is used for two litre milk and juice containers but much thinner. HDPE is made from oil and it takes 1.75 kilograms of oil (in terms of energy and raw materials) to make one kilogram of HDPE.